Call Tracking Metrics

Lately, there has been a lot of talk around the subject of call tracking. Call tracking is a way of acquiring phone numbers that you can add to different types of advertising media whether it’s online or offline and use those phone numbers to track which marketing mediums are working best for your business.

Call Tracking Metrics is one of our call-tracking vendors. We have set up an account with them which saves you money every month and allows you access to all of the advanced features. Call Tracking Metrics will also give you full support and they have a great database for questions and answers, training videos, and more.

The best part about the program is that you will use your own method of payment and you can control how many phone lines you have and what features you want to use.

Each tracking phone number is forwarded to your business line or whichever number you prefer. However, because the phone number is linked to a Call Tracking Account, every time the phone number is dialed, the call tracking system records the call so you can listen to it later, and can give you more detailed information about the call too.

Hint: You can have the call tracking system through Call Tracking Metrics listen for keywords like “Visa” so you can easily check for buyer intent, or “Emergency” so you can find those calls easily where potential clients may have needed a very quick response time.

Call Tracking Metrics Features               Discounted Prices Through BFG   

  • Local & Toll-Free Numbers
  • Track Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • Record Calls
  • Track Online or Offline Advertising Channels
  • Dynamic Number Insertion on Website
  • Calls Matched To Website Visitor and Ad Click
  • Voice Analytics - Keyword Spotting
  • Route Calls to Landline, Mobile, Soft Phone, or SIP
  • Route Calls by Schedule
  • Conference Calls
  • Transfer Calls
  • Score, Convert, and Tag calls
  • Route Calls by Geography (zip code, area code, city)
  • Hold Patterns (music, voiceover, etc.)


If you have any questions about our Call Tracking system please feel free to call us today at 435-890-1087. We have a helpful team that will do all they can to be of assistance and support you and your franchise. Our goal at BFG is to help your franchise continue to be successful!

Sign Up for a BFG Call Tracking Account TODAY and SAVE!


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After purchasing a domain name through BFG, you can purchase a Microsite complete with 11 templates to choose from.

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