Local Search Listings

Local Search

Core vs. Premium

Reasons to upgrade to a Premium Local Search Listing

  • To be in the top search results for your territory
  • For a total of $105 per month ($40 for Core, $65 for Premium upgrade) you should convert several visitors into paying customers. 
  • The last traffic count was 16 million impressions on chemdry.com, converting 40 % into customers.
  • Access to a Review Trackers account, which is amazing for two reasons;
    • Your reviews are all in one place and you receive feedback in real time to respond to reviews right away.
    • The ability to easily request reviews via email or text manually or with the integration with onTrack that automatically requests a review from your customers once invoiced.
  • We customize the directory image to catch your customer's attention so you stand out among other franchises.
  • A landing page to add customized text, coupons, hours of operation, images, and videos.
  • We know from our new franchise owners who are new to Local Search that once it’s turned on they get calls immediately, so the system is working.
  • If the average cost per acquisition for a new customer is $40, then you only need to have a few new customers from this source for this to be a worthwhile investment. One of our franchisees did an annual analysis of his new business last year and attributed 18% to Local Search leads. 

How to Optimize Your Local Search Premium Listing


SEO Pricing

Get found on the Internet more often when prospects search Google, Yahoo, or Bing for key search terms related to your business.

Price: $155/mo.

Social Media Pricing

Social Media Account Creation. Regular updates and posts to social accounts. We keep your accounts active with localized content that is specific to your franchise. Account Setup & Maintenance: - Facebook

Price: $40-$150/mo.

Microsite Pricing

After purchasing a domain name through BFG, you can purchase a Microsite complete with 11 templates to choose from.

Price: $25/mo.

Gateway Site Options For Local Search

Make ongoing edits to social media URLs and coupon offers