Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help your franchise appear on the Internet more often for search terms related to Chem-Dry or N-Hance services. (Keywords such as: carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, wood refinishing, renewal, etc.)

Our SEO service helps you appear in the "organic" search results. Organic search traffic is the most cost-effective lead source. However, because we improve your rankings naturally over time, results usually don't appear until 2-3 months after start time.

SEO Service Details

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Here’s What It Comes Down To

  • We optimize your website content to improve overall search engine rankings.
  • Customize content that is specific to your franchise & service area.
  • We add new search-friendly content and pages to keep current content each month.
  • We maintain the top 65 directory listings sites to ensure your online reputation is consistent.


  • Thousands of people turn to Google’s search results to find local services – such as carpet cleaning or wood floor renewal.
  • If your website isn’t showing up within their search results, then your competitors are.
  • Our goal is to put your website in front of as many customers as possible.


  • Sign up for the program by filling out the online SEO Setup form.
  • SEO is a lengthy process and will take 2-3 months to create significant results. Please be patient while we put in the necessary work to improve your natural website rankings.

The Details

  • How it works: We target keywords that your potential customers are likely using to search for your services – i.e. “carpet cleaning” or “wood floor renewal”. When prospective customers search for the services you offer, your optimized website content will allow Google to list your website as one of the search results.
  • What it costs: $155/month

Give It A Go

Let’s get started. Those customers you’re looking for, are also looking for you – on Google’s natural search results – and they can be reached via targeted local SEO.


SEO Pricing

Get found on the Internet more often when prospects search Google, Yahoo, or Bing for key search terms related to your business.

Price: $155/mo.

Social Media Pricing

Social Media Account Creation. Regular updates and posts to social accounts. We keep your accounts active with localized content that is specific to your franchise. Account Setup & Maintenance: - Facebook

Price: $40-$150/mo.

Microsite Pricing

After purchasing a domain name through BFG, you can purchase a Microsite complete with 11 templates to choose from.

Price: $25/mo.